TC, New Assignment or Widow's Care
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9/30/2014: Red Alert!! After you click "Submit Request to 2M,"
call us, or send an email telling us you submitted a request.
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After submitting the data below, you will be receiving an "E-Bill" through email, rather than by faxing you an invoice.  Just like when you order airplane tickets or Christmas gifts through the Web.  They look pathetic, but they are still invoices.  So far, there have been no problems with this...

We are now requiring that all payments be made within six weeks...

When payment is received, we'll send you an email with "Payment Code" that you will enter in WinPower, indicating that payment has been made...
Please see Payment Parameters for information on this, and other items...

We WILL make adjustments as we go along,
and if you do NOT have a history of late payments, the policy will NOT apply to you;
We HAVE kept records...

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TC, New or Widow's:

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Permanent Staff:

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Init program starts with blank database.

Keep program keeps bldg-specific data,
but requires cooperation of departing Custodian.

For more information and instructions for Keep, click here.

Any comments?

Or, would you like more than 6 weeks to make payment?

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