The "Keep" program, versus the "Init" Program

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The "Keep" program functions in a manner that replaces the departing Custodian's personal information with the incoming Custodians, but "keeps" the building related information specifically, Employee Data, PO66 Information, Room Information, PO67s, PO18s, and payroll information from the beginning of the year.

Deleted information would be the PO2s, DAR Information, Custodian Pay Stubs, Custodian Time Reports, Custodian Sick and Vacation, Banking, and SIF-related information.  Of course, name, SSN, etc. is updated to the incoming Custodian's.

The "Keep" program is useful when a custodian is going into another school (either as a TC, a Widow's Care or a New Assignment), and:

1. The departing Custodian has been using WinPower for a while (has lots of PO67s, PO18s, and PO66s are done through WinPower, for example), and
2. The departing Custodian has a good rapport with the incoming Custodian.

The "Init" program create blank databases, but for the personal information that relates to the incoming Custodian (Name, Title, Phone Number, etc).

You will still be able to "Import Data" (File Menu) when you choose the Init program, but the "Keep" program will save you all those steps.  And even if you use the "Keep" program, the incoming Custodian will still have to import (through the "File" menu) things like his or her vacation history, time reports, check styles, etc.

When you go to our TC/New Assignment/Widow's Care Page, you will need to indicate if want the "Keep" program, or the "Init" program...


Instructions for running the Keep program once you get it -- and the other Custodians backup database for the school you are taking over:  When you see x999 below, substitute the real assignment code for the school...

1. Get BACKUP files from other Custodian: x999s, x999p, x999v,x9998.

2. Run 3.exe to get into list of WinPower-ed schools, or add folder x999 under the 2m subdirectory.

3. Go to the 1st WinPower screen with Superman flying all over the place.

4. Highlight x999.

5. Restore data from the backup that has x999s, x999p, x999v,x9998 from the prior Custodian.

6. Go into WinPower for this school and check if all the other Custodian's data is there.  Exit WinPower.

7. Run the "Keep" program (x999Keep.exe).  You are ready to go to work !  Finished !


If the files you get are payroll.bat, staff.bat, po18.bat and vendors.bat, rename them as follows:

payroll.bat becomes x999p

staff.bat becomes x999s

po18.bat becomes x9998

vendors.bat becomes x999v

After doing this, pick up from step 3 above...

  Good luck !