The Mechanics of 2005 Year-End Procedures, via WinPower...


•     The program changes that effect the below base routines is wrapped into new version 770.exe.  This is now available on our web site, at  You must update to 770.exe to avail yourself of the automated functions related to the new below base rates.  Remember, this has a great many new modules.  Back-up-first !!

•     To enter a new employee subject to the below base rate in WinPower, just go to the Titles Frame in the Staff Window, and select the appropriate option:  Either “Below Base Employee” or “Below Base, but you will increase some.”  You will be asked the below-base percentage, and start and end dates.  If you will be increasing the rate on your own, you will be asked to what level, and the effective start date of the increase.  Be sure to click “Save” when done. 

WinPower likes it best when effective dates correspond to the first day of the PO Period you are in when your new employee was hired.

•     To do the final, two-week PO1 of the year, from 12/16/2005 to 12/29/2005, just go into the PO1 Print Window, and at the top, strike over 01/12/2006 with 12/29/2005, and proceed from that point, as normal.  However, be ready when you are asked “Is this a Shortened, Real PO1 Close to Year`s End?"  Click “Yes.”

•     Any savings to the Board as a result of the below base rates will be presented employee-by-employee in the “Summaries and much more” Window (with totals), and it will also be entered as a separate, negative 202 value in your DAR.

•     The Year-End, 2-Day, Paper PO1 will post a negative value for the below base savings on 12/31/2005, and a positive value on 1/1/2006.

•     The pro-rated split for Pensionable Salary and Day Money will occur automatically on January 5th as soon as you enter WinPower.  Remember, we do the pro-rating on a 14-day basis, whereas the Board uses a 365-day basis.  This results in a variation of a few pennies.  Please be alert to this.

•     To do the Year-End, 2-Day, Paper PO1, make sure the date range for the Pay Period in the Payroll Window is set to 12/30/2005 à 01/12/2006.  Then, click the PO1 Print command button.  You will notice that the biggest command button in all of WinPower-land will appear in the lower right hand region of the next window.  It will say “YEAR-END PO1.”  Just click that, and follow the prompts.  DO NOT “Cut Checks” before doing this.  WinPower needs “open hours” for the Year-End PO1.  Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have.

It does all the work.  Just W2 information, this year on the basis of two days.  You can put in for reimbursements for these two days at your option.  WinPower will post the 202s value (if you choose to put in for them) on 12/31, along with an offsetting negative value on 1/1.  Whatever PO1 value is generated will be posted on 12/31, along with an offsetting negative value on 1/1, as well.

•     The 77 cent salary change program is on our web site, at  It is called sc2005.exe, and needs to be run for every WinPower-ed school that you have.  We are not charging additionally for this program (and never have).