The Windows 7 WinPower Experience

If you have tried to install WinPower on a Windows 7 computer, please fill out the following questionnaire.  We will try to use your experience to help assist your colleagues as they purchase new computers with the Windows 7 Operating System.  Thank you very much for taking the time!

(Pending this, we recommend acquiring and installing XP on Windows 7 systems that are not permitting WinPower to work...)

Also, see some suggested solutions here

#1. First Name:


#2. Last Name:


#3. Assignment Code (Boro first):


#4. What version of Windows 7 do you have?

This is critical information.
If you are not sure of the edition,
please call the salesman
who sold you the computer...


#5. Was your installation of WinPower on
Windows 7 completely problem-free?


If you answered "Yes" to Question #4 above, you are finished with this survey.
( ...unless you have comments.  See below... )
Please click the "Submit to 2M" command button at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!

Please answer only questions #6 OR #7a-c if you had problems with the installation, or it failed...

#6. If you had problems installing
WinPower on Windows 7,
but did succeed,
please tell us how you did this:


#7a. If, in the end, Windows 7 failed load
WinPower, how hard did you try?


#7b. What did you try doing?


#7c.  What did you end up doing?


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Please explain...)


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