Lets not mince words !

This is the finest Payroll Program ever made for Custodian Engineers.

You have tried the rest.  Now use the best.

          -Mark Sutton

Having worked in the clerical end of the business for six years, I can unequivocally say that Winpower For Custodians is, far and away, the best Custodial package in the market today!!  No other software program is packed with as many features as Winpower, and no other software provider in this market offers the unlimited technical support that the makers of Winpower offer.  I defy you to find a program that makes the job any easier, and offers as much as Winpower For Custodians.  I was sold the first day on it!!

-J.D. from Brooklyn

Just as soon as I heard there was a new program out there for Custodians, I decided to try it out, always looking for that edge to make my record keeping job better and easier.

If you are like me give them a try, I have seen this program develop almost from the start and I tell you, it is well worth it!

This program goes where no other program went before!

-A computer-literate guy

I have been using a computer for about nine years now to help me with my job. I started with the DOS program from California, then moved on to that other DOS Program, both of which have been very popular with us. Although they are adequate programs, neither comes close to incorporating as many different features as WinPower for Custodians does.

Not only does it make all aspects of my job easier and faster, it's also the most professional software out there.

The technical support that I have received from Eric and Yuko, (the makers of WinPower for Custodians) is unmatched by anyone.  They are always there to listen and help out with any problem that I may encounter (including non-software related problems).

The response to the suggestions that I have made to improve the software (to better meet our needs) is phenomenal.  99% of the time it's done by the next day.

I am honored to be associated with the likes of The 2M Corp...

-Tony D. (Bronx -- "Another satisfied customer!")

I've been using Winpower for Custodians since January of 1999. I like how easy the program is to use. I can (and do often) jump around from payroll to reimbursements to PO2 to banking without having to "back out" of every screen. It keeps me more organized.

 You know how we're always running out of forms because we can only get a few at a time, when there are any at all? I don't worry about that any more since the preprinted form format has been included. I buy blank paper and the computer prints the information and the form.

I like the tech support. I can contact the company via e-mail or telephone. They were particularly helpful when we had to give our help those two raises back in Feb/March.  Remember?  One of them was in the middle of a pay period...

I'm even promising myself to keep better track of my finances, and I'll be using WinPower to do that!

- T (in Staten Island)

I began using Winpower for Custodians in July of 1999. I basically purchased the program to ensure the accuracy of my payroll, especially while I was to be on vacation.

Within hours of having this phenomenal program, I fell in love with all the things it could do for me. I realized that I would never again have to chase down my district stewards in the hopes of acquiring a few Board forms. This program printed them all out on blank paper!

I then proceeded to see how much the program lacked. I must say, there was very little lacking. Each time I found something even the least bit questionable, I picked up the phone and it was almost instantaneously fixed. The support I get from 2M, and especially Eric, is just super. I would recommend this program to all Custodians. It makes our job so simple. Thanks 2M!

WJL, Brooklyn






















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