How to Move an Employee from Below Base Rate to Full Contract Rate, after the employee's 2 year waiting period is over.
  Goodness!  This below base stuff is the gift that never stops giving, isn't it?

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But first, an important Note about "85%"...

Although the Board keeps referring to the Below Base Rate for new employees as 85%, the real rate is not 85%.  The real number is arrived at by DIVIDING the full rate by 1.15.  So! 

A Cleaner (or Laundry Bath Attendant) at $18.13 becomes $15.77, not $15.41

A Fire Person or Handy Person at $20.33 becomes $17.68 not $17.28

  OK?  Go figure (literally)

***Also, we will continue

     to try to have WinPower itself

     be more responsive to this event.  


***We are working on it right now, as this is written...

How to Move an Employee from Below Base Rate to Full Contract Rate, after the employee's 2 year waiting period is over.
Even if an employee starts out "Below Base" at the start of a pay period, their Below Base tenure will rarely end so neatly at the end of a pay period.

It is far more likely that the Below Base tenure will end in the middle of a pay period.  This spells trouble.

Since there will be two pay rates within the same pay period, there will need to be two checks.  But there is more to it than that.

Below are the 16 (simple) steps to take to deal with an employee going off the base rate in the middle of a pay period.

However, if an employee's last day of Below Rate status coincides with the last day of a pay period, then jump to step #10...

Before anything else, back up your data ! Then go into WinPower and follow these...

Instructions for BR Employees Going To Contract Rate
1. Go to the Staff Window

2. Go to the Titles Frame

3. Highlight the soon-to-be-former below rate employee

4. In the lower right hand region, you are going to edit the "Effective To" date

5. Add one year to the date (temporarily). For example, if the effective date was 04/04/2008, make it 04/04/2009

6. Click the "Save" command button (underneath)

7. Go back to the Hours frame of the Main Payroll Window

8. Put in the hours for this employee up to the date of his below rate termination day. None after !

9. Do Checks

10. Go back to the Staff Window, Titles Frame.

11. Delete the title, completely, no matter how much WinPower complains.

RED, back out ! You are deleting the PERSON, not just the Title (and for good!)

12. Give back the same title

13. Go back to the Main Payroll Window, Hours frame

14. Click Check# 0000

15. Put in the hours, starting from the day of the new at-base rate.

16. Cut check.

You are done !

Note well: WinPower will DISPLAY the at-base rate, EVEN FOR BELOW-RATE PAY PERIODS. Do not worry. It is just a display issue. All underlying data is correct.

Please feel free to call with any questions...